Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Well, I hope you guys like EPIC, long books, because this one is now almost 40k words past my original estimated length of 145k words. Lots of drama and several subplots going on that all tie into the main external plot.The last 25% of the manuscript has not even had one edit/major revision done to it, so that still has to happen as well. I am going to finish this manuscript by hook or by crook, however. :D

Thanks for sticking with me these past (almost) four years while I wrote and wrangled this story into shape!

I'm in the last chapter or two (maybe three, but I hope not :/) of the book. The climax scenes have been written and I am now tying up the loose threads with the subplot love stories---yes subplot love stories. More than one. Which is why this manuscript is HUGE! Prior to edits, it is now at approx. 182,000 words. This is a big family saga, with lots of drama (and humor, and romance!), so please just bear with me. No one---I mean NO ONE---wants this manuscript finished more than I do, lol!

In the meantime, enjoy the cover and the teaser blurb!

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