Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sept. 10 is #InternetSlowdown - Join the Battle for the Net

slow internet gif 

If you don't want your favorite websites to look like this, join the

Stats from Sept. 10 #internetslowdown
Over 525K took action
Over 286K calls made
Over 1.5M emails sent to congress
Over 524K comments filed to FCC
4.7M comments filed since March 1, 2014
1K calls per minute
Over 1M Facebook shares
Over 10K sites participated, including:
Tumblr, NetFlix,Vimeo, Etsy, Kickstarter, Upworthy, Namecheap, Foursquare, Cheezburger, Meetup, Grooveshark, Bluehost, AVG, Clickhole, Urbandictionary, BoingBoing, and Sendgrid

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