Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Latest Highlander Romance SONG OF THE HIGHLANDS

**UPDATE 05/14/2014**

The chat at Night Owl Reviews the other night was so much fun! Thanks to all my friends and fans who showed up to give me support. Everything went so fast, I know I missed answering some questions!!

The two monthly subscription services now have SONG OF THE HIGHLANDS available to put in your library (if you subscribe). I've placed the links below.

SONG OF THE HIGHLANDS is now available at the following retailers:

Amazon  |  B&N  |  Smashwords  |  Kobo  |  Apple  |  ARe

 Now available on subscription sites (search K.E. Saxon in app): 

 Scribd (uses app for iOS and Android)
Oyster (uses app for iOS only)

I just love this cover! Angela Waters created it for me, based on my concept, and she did such an incredibly wonderful job!

Here's the back cover copy:

He captured her innocence with his savage desire, she conquered his heart with her song…

“Say naught. Else you shall be next.”

These are the words that leave a six-year-old Highland lass without a voice, and without memory of  that terrible day her family's caravan was overtaken and her parents were slain.

Now, thirteen years later, fresh from the nunnery where she was taken after the attack, Highland  Lady, Morgana Cambel, harbors only one wish: To have one night of ecstasy with the man of her  dreams—her worldly, beautiful cousin's sometime lover—Robert MacVie. So, when she is offered  such a chance—a secret switch—she determines to take it.

Highland Laird, Robert MacVie, desperately plots to ensnare his heiress lover into marriage in order to gain her dowry and pay his King the debt his late father owed, thus saving his clan from division  and ruin. But a last minute switch changes the course of his life—and his heart—forever.

When their passionate interlude is discovered by her unctuous, devious uncle, nothing will do but  that Robert wed the impoverished Morgana instead.

At first, they both resist. He, for the sake of his clan. She, for the sake of her unrequited love. But  they quickly discover that resistance is futile. And a boon by the King soon lessens Robert’s debt.  Now, as their desire for each other grows, as Morgana’s voice begins to return only in song, as their  hearts bond, a legacy of jealousy and greed entraps Morgana in a furious death plot—and only her  warrior-knight husband can save her!

And, just as a reminder, I've also included at the back of the book the postquel, OF US THAT TRADE IN LOVE: Morgunn & Gwynlyan.  It takes place in one night, but it is a powerful, emotional read.  Let me stipulate: THIS IS NOT INTENDED AS A STAND-ALONE READ. This is just a little something extra that I wanted to write and share with those who read SONG OF THE HIGHLANDS.

Here's the cover I made for this little freebie (that's why it isn't as gorgeous as the cover of SOH!):

I hope to have more retailer links real soon for Song of the Highlands!!


  1. So glad this is released. It is an amazing book. I always love to read about it, so thank you.

    1. I'm so thrilled you liked the book so much, Debbie, and thanks again for the plug on FB. You rock!

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