Wednesday, April 16, 2014

04/16/2014 Update on LATEST MEDIEVAL HIGHLANDER Story

Whew! The manuscript is at the proofreader's now. I've received the custom cover images from Jimmy Thomas, and they, along with my ideas for the cover are with the cover artist (Angela Waters). Everything currently is moving right along (*fingers crossed* and *thinking positive thoughts*). The pic above is a small "sneak peek" at Jimmy and Jacqui (the female model) for the cover! (Keeping in mind, this is a montage from the photo shoot; the photos above are not taken from the high-quality final versions, but the lower resolution versions; and this will not be how the cover of the book will look--as an example, Jimmy's hair will be longer in the final version!)

For those who've not been dropping by my website, blog, FB, or Google+ for updates, I'll state again: I've written a short "postquel", if you will (don't think this is actually a word) as a freebie, which 'stars' two characters from Robert's story, but whose complete HEA couldn't fit fully within the bounds of Robert's story. (They do have an HEA in the book, but it didn't seem as complete as it could have been, thus the "Postquel"). I will either offer it free here and at Smashwords (and maybe a few other places), or I will just tack it on to the back matter of Robert's story.  I'll decide that closer to publication.

Can't WAIT to share Robert's story with you!!

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