Sunday, November 4, 2012

SixSunday 43 A HEART IS A HOME

Whew! What a week! Now that the last book in my Highlands Trilogy is out, I'm hoping I can dig back into my next Highlands story, but for now, I'm continuing with more snippets from my holiday contemporary romance, A Heart Is A Home: Christmas in Texas.

Just as a reminder, we are now in Joy's POV.

I'm picking up directly after the last sentence from my last sss post. This is all part of the same paragraph and is a continuation of Joy's thoughts regarding Adam's having only phoned in his grandfather's funeral arrangements.

 ~The Blurb~

How does a smart, easygoing serial monogamist tame a closet Bohemian?

Adam Taylor believes selling his childhood home is the only way to put the past...and the memories behind him. Then he meets Joy Pettigrew. The uptight real estate broker isn't what she seems.

Freaky and Joy Pettigrew no longer mix. She's a corporate girl now. She plans to make the sale, get the commission, and never look back. So how does she keep the truth from Adam Taylor long enough to get him to sign on the dotted line? He swears he wants to sell his grandfather's house and move on. She knows he's lying to himself. He insists she throw off the fa├žade she's hiding behind. She knows she's lying to herself. She also knows he's going back to Houston. Nothing she does will change his mind...and even their shared passion won't convince her to go with him.

She's already home. After all, Christmas is just around the corner and everyone knows you spend Christmas at home.

He hadn’t even cared enough about the man to see to them in person. What kind of grandson did that? A selfish, egomaniacal one, surely. With effort she ungrit her teeth and relaxed her jaw. But. She needed this sale if she was ever going to finally afford her own means of transport, so personal feelings aside, she must carry on as any good professional would.

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  1. Great insight into her feelings for him! :)

  2. I always enjoy a strong heroine - hopefully she's wrong about Adam (this IS on my kindle TBR but I'm trying to get one of my own submitted, sigh...) Great six!

  3. Congrats on the 5stars reviews! That's fabulous news! You must be stoked. I just LOVE this character. She's so prickly and uptight. Terrific six!

    1. Thanks, Joanne! It was a very happy surprise I found in my email this morning *grinning from ear-to-ear*

  4. She has an agenda and she's not letting passion get in the way...*hah*. Great six!

  5. Her priorities are in order and she believes she has him pegged. Nothing is ever that simple and it will make it all the more interesting to watch unfold.
    Congratulations on the nominations, what a nice way to start the week.

  6. Congratulations on the reviews!

    If Joy doesn't relax a little, she's going to break a tooth . . . but I'm sure Adam will help.

  7. I bet this will be an awesome Christmas story. Love her internal conflict!

  8. Love that personal versus professional conflict. It's stacking up nicely.

  9. Many congrats on the reviews!
    And this six shows her inner tension very well.

  10. She's so prickly...I just know he's going to pick out those spines one by one...Loved this book!

  11. I like how she had to make a conscious effort to calm down! great six hon!!!

  12. Wonderfully done. Congrats on getting the next Highland Vengeance story out into the world. Very exciting.

  13. Great insight into her feelings and her GMCs here in this one snippet!

  14. I love the way their respective first impressions set up a romantic obstacle. This looks like such a great story!


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