Sunday, September 16, 2012


Happy Six Sentence Sunday to you all! Last week, I was NOT feeling very well, as I'd gotten hold of (or, rather IT had gotten hold of me, LOL!) an upper respiratory infection, so I didn't make it to everyone's blogs, as I'd so hoped to do.

Anyway, I'm still sharing some snippets from one of my WIPs, tentatively titled A Heart Is A Home. We're now (with this entry) 1185 words into the original 1406 that I'd written a couple of years back (and all in only Adam's POV). By posting these snippets, I managed to get back into the story, and now I'm nearly 20K into it. I'm shooting for 30K, but we all know how that goes. If you can hang on, I'll share some of Joy's POV, too. Anyone interested in reading the entire 1406 words click here

For those new to this particular story, it's one I started a while back, but hadn't really worked on in ages until recently. It's the story of Adam Taylor (Jason's friend and lawyer from Love Is The Drug), a free-spirited sort who meets and falls for a thoroughly efficient and just a bit stodgy realtor whom he's hired to sell the home he grew up in after the death of his grandfather.

I'm picking up directly after the last sentence from my last sss post. The first line in this snippet gives you Adam's reaction to Ms. Pettigrew's snippy response, as well as continues on with the same paragraph that was started last week. We are still in Adam's POV. 


He needed coffee. “I think I’ll just fill these out first while I have my first cuppa joe. I’ll track you down when I’m done.” He was in the kitchen in two shakes. Angry drill sergeant women were not his forté.

After brewing the coffee, he settled at the square oak table in the kitchen and perused the documents she’d given him.

If you enjoyed this, why not stop by the Six Sentence Sunday website for the links to other authors who are participating? Have Fun and Happy Reading!



  1. She's definitely not what he expected at all. Nice six! :)

  2. Why do I think this angry drill sergeant woman is going to get under his skin pretty quickly?

  3. I love this line:
    Angry drill sergeant women were not his forté.
    Definitely makes me want to read to see how his thoughts about her change! lol

    Wonderfuls six.

  4. He's going to need more than strong coffee to deal with that one, I suspect. I like it!

  5. "Angry drill sergeant women were not his forté." I love that line. Terrific six!

  6. Got love, love, sometimes it makes you work for it. Poor guy :)

  7. Nice escape! LOL. Coffee is so versatile. ;c)

  8. Love this: "Angry drill sergeant women were not his forte." Can't wait to read the full book!

  9. maybe he should dunk her into the coffee to see if it softens her up

  10. Oh my, I am so enjoying this story, can't wait until the tide starts turning and the attraction pulls at them! Another great six, glad to hear the story is expanding by leaps and bounds!

  11. Opposites attract? Or is it all about the challenge they present? Hmmm, keep writing so we can find out. :D

    (And I'm glad you're feeling better, hon!)

  12. So level headed to get the hell out of there. Don't let the woman push your buttons, Adam--yet. Can't wait to see how she "thaws." Loved this six. :)


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