Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hello again, Sixers! Welcome and Welcome Back!

I'm still sharing some snippets from one of my WIPs, tentatively titled A Heart Is A Home.

For those new to this particular story, it's one I started a while back, but haven't really worked on in ages. It's not even completely formulated in my head, but it is the story of Adam Taylor (Jason's friend and lawyer from Love Is The Drug), a free-spirited sort who meets and falls for a thoroughly efficient and just a bit stodgy realtor whom he's hired to sell the home he grew up in after the death of his grandfather.

I'm picking up directly after the last sentence from my last sss post. The first line in this snippet finishes Adam's response to Ms. Pettigrew's unfortunate use of the word 'property' instead of 'home' to describe the house, and his suggestion that he go around with her. We are still in Adam's POV. 

“You know, so I can point out all the great things about this old girl—maybe you could even use some of them in your sales pitch.”

She bristled, which surprised him. “I assure you, I do not pitch. I inform and I match people with their perfect property. I am no hack salesman.”

“Sorry, no offense intended.”

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  1. Oops! Insert foot in mouth. Nice six! :)

  2. She is snippy! What's he gonna have to do to make her let her hair down? (Will he even want to?) LOL Nice six!

  3. Okay, I agree. She's very prickly at the moment, and I want to see him push back, push his point. I'm hanging on the edge here, waiting to see what will happen. Terrific tension!

  4. She's definitely prickly and I agree, I can't wait to see how he manages to get past that :)

  5. I love these 2...can't wait until she loosens up a bit...and I'm sure he's the man for that job :) lol

  6. frankly my dear...she sounds like a bitch

  7. Whoa, she needs to chill! Think he'll help her out...

  8. He hit her hot spot, wow. Love it actually. Man, do these two need each other.

  9. Great dialogue! Good realtors have that attitude -- that they're matching people with homes they'll love. You hit the nail on the head.

  10. Oh...tension!! Great six honey! :D


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