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Today's posts are all about Warriors. Warriors and our great respect, admiration, and gratefulness for all they do for us. They are the true heroes, and in commemoration and thanks, I offer you a scene from the last in my Highlands Trilogy, HIGHLAND MAGIC (Available November 2012): A joust to the death.


Here's the book blurb:

 The third in the Highlands Trilogy, HIGHLAND MAGIC begins where HIGHLAND GRACE ended, giving you Branwenn and Callum’s story.

Set in the turn of the 13th century Scottish Highlands.  After fleeing her wedding to her Norman betrothed and being swept into the Irish Sea during a storm, Branwenn Maclean finds herself once more in the land of the Highland Scots.  Little does she know, however, that the maimed man who drops through the ceiling of her hiding place is none other than Callum MacGregor, the man who both vexes and beguiles her.

Callum awakens in a darkened sea cave believing he’s being nursed by a sea nymph. Little does he know, however, that the fey creature is in actuality none other than his massive warrior Maclean cousins’ foster sister, Branwenn, the lass that has taunted and haunted him since his first encounter with her one year past.

Both Callum and Gaiallard took a moment to rest at his own end of the field.
Then, bracing their shields, they spurred their mounts, and once again advanced on their opponent.
After two more tries, one in which they each struck the other’s helmet so hard that sparks flew off the shiny metal, Callum at last succeeded in giving Gaiallard an almost killing blow.
The sharp end of his lance broke through the other man’s shield and tore into Gaiallard’s left shoulder, rending both flesh and cartilage.
The sound of the clash echoed off the stone walls surrounding the lists and the force of the blow unseated both combatants.
“You whoreson, I’ll kill you for that!” Gaiallard bellowed.
“You shall try!” Callum replied with as much force.
Then, both rising to their feet, they faced off before the bishop’s box, circling each other, their swords raised.
“Worry not, boy,” Gaiallard said, “for I shall take good care of your land after I wed your widow. And I shall use the coin from your bride price to build a fortress upon it, as there shall be no need to give it to the Welsh prince now.”
“Norman dog!” Callum growled and propelled himself forward, swinging his sword in a wide arc towards his opponent’s neck. “You shall never wed her, nor have any portion of my property!”
Gaiallard brought his shield up to block the blow, swinging his own sword at the same time. It hit and glanced off of Callum’s shield.
For the next tense moments, the two men swung, thrust, and parried.
The winter sun glinted off one of the amethysts in Branwenn’s filet, making a purple-hued spectrum trip and glide over Callum’s visor.
He glanced up.
Gaiallard lunged forward. “Ha-ha!” he cried, driving his sword into Callum’s thigh.  Blood shot from the wound and ran down his leg.
“Aargh!” Callum struggled to remain standing, and conscious, as his mind fogged from the dizzying effect of the instant massive loss of blood.
  “‘Tis my coup de grĂ¢ce, this,” Gaiallard told him, “my leaving a mark just here—a reminder before you die of the patch that the lovely Branwenn sports so prettily in much the same place.”
Knowing he’d given his opponent a killing blow—that he’d lose blood too quickly now to fight for long, to live for long, Gaiallard withdrew his sword and stood, swaying to and fro as he faced his nemesis, with the intent to taunt him a bit more before thrusting his sword through his heart.
Callum struggled to focus. With every heartbeat, a font of blood spurted from the wound in a scarlet arc into the air. The Norman was telling him something, but he could not concentrate on the words. His only thought was to overcome this lethargy as quickly as he could and pounce once more on his nemesis.
“Did you know she met me in the wood this day past? That she sucked my cock dry? That I gave her such a tongue lashing her cunt actually spurted?” Gaiallard’s upper torso tilted forward a bit as a high-pitched ringing began in his ears. He shook free the dizzying effect and laughed. “And then I fucked her. Twice. What a tight little cunt she has—and that freckle!” He spread his feet wider apart in an attempt to gain his balance. “She did it for you, she swore. She wanted me to leave the two of you be; to release her from her betrothal contract.” He laughed again. “I, being no fool, took what she offered before reversing my promise.”
Callum’s vision began to blur as a black mist rose along the periphery of his sight, and tho’ he saw the Norman’s lips moving, the roaring in his ears and his determination to finish this thing, prevented his comprehension of the words. But he’d needed the reprieve his opponent had given him to rest and regain some strength. He blinked away the black mist and took a step forward, but his leg wouldn’t hold him. “Christ’s Bones!” He fell to his knees.
Gaiallard staggered forward and stood swaying above him as, with both hands on the hilt, he lifted his sword high in the air.
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