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Angels vs. Demons Blog Hop

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Today I thought I’d tell you a little about the “demon” in my medieval Scottish Highlands romance, HIGHLAND VENGEANCE. It's the first book in my Highlands Trilogy, and has also been released as a serial novel in 6 parts. In addition to the $25 Amazon or B&N Gift Card I'm giving as a prize on this hop (winner's choice), I'm also offering up a free digital copy of this ebook to all those who include in their comment in the comments section THAT THEY WOULD LIKE A COPY, ALONG WITH their email address.  

My "demon" is not a demon in the strictest sense of the word, but he is so evil in nature that I think he certainly qualifies for the moniker. The character I speak of is Jamison Maclean. He’s the father of the hero of my story, Daniel MacLaurin, and is also the father Daniel has never met. He massacres Daniel’s family while Daniel, at the time a lad of 13 summers, is off fishing at the loch. Daniel is one of the few survivors and is the one to discover the bloody horror not long after the marauders leave.

I am including an excerpt below from the book, which showcases the evil nature of this man. WARNING: Graphic violence, disturbing subject matter. For a sexier, lighter excerpt, scroll down to the "teaser".

Here's the book blurb:

Set in the turn of the thirteenth century Scottish Highlands, this is the story of Daniel MacLaurin, a handsome, rugged warrior-laird haunted by his past, and Maryn Donald, the beautiful, high-spirited lass destined to help him find his heart's ease.

After his mother and grandfather, the only family he has ever known, are viciously murdered in a surprise invasion when he is a lad of 13, Daniel spends years focusing on training as a warrior and rebuilding his fortress, determined to control the world around him so that nothing like it will ever happen again.

Maryn Donald is a wild child; a lass who, as the only offspring of her widowed father, has been indulged in her high-spiritedness. So much so, that she takes matters into her own hands when she sees that the neighboring clan is mistreating their horses. She impetuously steals them and then, as recompense for her crime, must wed the powerful, wealthy young laird about whom she's heard such disturbing rumors: Daniel MacLaurin.

HIGHLAND VENGEANCE is a steamy adventure romance, but it is also a family saga. It's the story of how a man overcomes the horror of his past to find love, connection, and contentment once more.

The Highlands, Scotland 1104

The morn dawned crisp and bright as Daniel MacLaurin, a lad of thirteen summers, gathered his fishing rod and tackle and trotted downstairs toward the kitchen.
 “Beatha!” he called to the cook from the passage leading into her realm. Skidding to a halt just inside the doorway, he asked excitedly, “Have you a crust of bread or, mayhap, a bannock cake to ease my hunger?”
The jolly, round-faced cook grinned at the laird’s young grandson and tipped her fuzzy-haired gray head in the direction of the freshly made bannock cakes piled in a wooden bowl on the long, scarred table just behind her. “Take more than one, lad. You’re to begin your squire’s trainin’ on the morrow,” she reminded him unnecessarily, “and you need to be buildin’ your strength.” She turned back to her task at the hearth then, her aged bulk causing the stool to creak as she resettled herself upon its hard surface.
Daniel scooped up several of the flat cakes and tossed them inside his kit. He whistled merrily as he passed his mother’s maid in the corridor and dipped his head in greeting to her. Her cheeks pinkened as she nodded shyly in return, dropping her eyes to the rush-covered stone floor as she scurried past him. She was a sweet—and Daniel thought—very lovely brown-haired lass of fourteen summers, only a few moons older than he was himself. He turned his head to watch her departure as he continued walking in the opposite direction and collided into a wall sconce in the process. Thankfully, the lass was now too far away to notice his clumsy encounter with the light source.
As he ambled across the bailey toward the fortress gate, he saw his grandfather, a tall and white-haired, but still clearly robust man of nigh on sixty summers, standing with his lieutenant near the entrance to the training field. “Good morn, Grandfather!” he called out to him. When the older man turned in his direction, Daniel continued, “I’m off to the loch to catch a few trout for our dinner!”
“‘Tis a fine day for it, lad. And a good way it is to spend your last day of freedom before the next part of your training begins!” the old man rejoined before turning back to the other man to continue their discussion.
As all the villagers and most of the castle’s household had gone to a cattle fair in the next shire, Daniel decided to skirt the deserted village and jog across the glen instead.
He was winded, but exhilarated, by the time he reached his favorite fishing spot a half-hour later. As he’d expected, the area was deserted, a serene bower, with only the sounds of nature to keep company with him. A goshawk circled overhead, presumably looking for a meal, and the lush green heath that covered the hillside seemed to Daniel to be basking in the sun’s warm, yellow glow now that the last snows of spring had finally melted. Birds twittered in the pine forest that bordered either side of the loch, and woodland creatures foraged for treats in the dew-coated grass just beyond the water’s banks. Inhaling deeply, he became intoxicated on the fresh pine-scented air as it expanded his lungs. He held it inside himself a moment before slowly releasing it back into the cool, moist atmosphere around him. When he at last squatted down at the loch’s edge and cast out the fishing line, he grinned at the circles of small waves his fly created as it broke the serenity of the water’s surface. As he continued casting out the line in quick succession, patiently awaiting his first catch of the day, he nibbled on one of the bannock cakes.
After two hours, he’d eaten them all and had caught seven medium-sized trout, which was plenty to feed the few members of the household that had remained behind. Deciding to pack up his kit and go back home, he gathered his belongings together and had only just turned to leave when a sound of thunder broke his reverie.
Thinking he was about to be caught in a cloudburst, he looked up just as he felt a terrible rumbling beneath him, accompanied by the roar of men’s voices coming from just beyond the rise. A shiver of foreboding ran through him as he whipped his head around. His eyes shot wide. There, directly where his family’s fortress and the village lay, ominous gray and white smoke billowed. Dread, like a vise, pushed the air from his lungs. His heart pounding painfully in his chest, he dropped his fishing pole. Mother! Grandfather!
In the next second he was in motion. By instinct alone, he picked up his rod and headed away from the sound of the charging men. Tall and lanky, his spindly legs churned as his long, narrow feet flew across the heath and into the cover of trees that lined the loch.
He’d barely entered the dark canopy and fallen down to his knees, when an army of naked men on horseback came charging over the rise, covered in the blue war paint of the ancient Highlanders. Their eyes shone like eery white marble orbs through the cerulean tint on their faces, and the gore of recent battle coated their bodies and their horses. Some of the men were brandishing their blood-drenched swords high above their heads while others were carrying the fire spikes they’d used to set the blazes.
The leader of the brigands swung a bloody spike with a human head attached to the end of it. “Make haste. To the loch! We must wash off this woad and be on our way before the other MacLaurin soldiers return.”
Fearful tears gathered in Daniel’s eyes, blurring his vision, before he manfully swiped them away with the back of his hand. He must see the faces of the men who’d done this deed. But there was so much blood! More than he’d seen in his life. His innards twisted at the sight. Covering his mouth with both hands, he swallowed hard, nearly choking, in an effort to keep from spewing out the sour bile and recently consumed bannocks that now threatened to rise up from his churning insides. After a moment, his stomach settled a bit and his eyes were drawn once more to the leader, and then to the grotesque and mutilated head on the spike. The blue devils were still too far away for him to see which of his clansmen had come to such a vile end.
Without warning, his gut violently convulsed, causing him to lose the battle to keep his food down. It was all he could do to release the meal from its moorings and stay quiet enough to remain undiscovered by the men.
Fearing for his family, but driven to stay until he’d seen the faces of his enemies, Daniel remained hidden and carefully silent.
The men at last reached the banks of the loch, giving him a clear view of them for the first time. A chill shot up his spine as his mind interpreted what his eyes beheld. Several of the brigands were fully aroused. With bone-deep panic spurring his heart to hammer against his ribs, he tilted his head, straining to hear their boastful banter as they washed off the evidence of their violence. Tho’ they spoke in the tongue of the Highlands, their accents were unusual and their speech, stilted. ‘Twas clearly not their native tongue. As their visages were slowly revealed, they made crude comparisons of the women they had forced themselves upon, laughing and taunting each other as if it were some game of sport they’d been about. A shudder of pure loathing ran through Daniel.
He turned his gaze back to the leader, who was still on one knee at the edge of the loch, washing off the slaughter gore. The man was tall, standing head and shoulders above many of the men under his command, with a medium, muscular frame, and reddish-brown hair that was a bit long, even by Highlander standards. It hung in a blood-matted braid down his back, ending at the base of his spine. Daniel’s fists clenched. Turn a bit more to the left, you merciless fiend so I can at last know my enemy!
As if Daniel’s thoughts were invisible hands gripping the leader’s shoulders, the man stood and turned, his face stripped of its disguise and its features clearly revealed. A dark brown beard covered most of the lower half of his narrow countenance, and heavy, dark brows sat like thunder clouds over light-colored eyes, bringing his long, aquiline nose into prominence. Three raised abrasions, red with blood, ran from his brow to his cheek. Marks? Left by someone’s nails?
The leader strode towards his friends, leaving Daniel with a clear view of the horror on the spike thrusting up from the ground. “Godamercy,” Daniel whispered as a buzzing sound filled his head and black spots danced in his vision. In the next instant, he was on his side in the soil, his sights riveted on the violent tableau at the edge of the loch. He sucked in two deep breaths to stave off the swoon that threatened as tears flooded his eyes once more. Blinking them away, he ignored them as they ran down his cheeks in dust-stained rivulets, for naught else mattered but the dreadful sight before him. ‘Twas his grandfather’s head the devil-leader had wielded so proudly—just as his young mind had dimly suspected, but his heart had refused to believe.
“What will you be doing with that?” one of the soldiers called out to the man, pointing toward the skewered, blood-streaked butcher’s prize.
The leader shrugged. With a demon light in his eye, he turned back to the mass of human flesh and bone and, grasping it in both hands, released it from its stake and gleefully threw it into the loch. It floated a moment before sinking like a stone down below the water’s surface, leaving a few air bubbles in its wake. Over the roar of the men’s laughter, he said, “Aye, that be a fit grave for you, old man!” As he bent down and washed the blood from his hands once more, he called over his shoulder, “Many a trout will have a fine feast this day, I trow!” He threw his head back and howled with evil glee.
A lust for blood and a need to kill, the likes of which Daniel had never known, filled his heart in that dreadful moment, and the last vestige of innocence fell away. An image flashed through his mind then, as he knelt there in his family’s wood, of the murderers begging for mercy while he savagely tore each one of them apart with his bare hands. But directly on the heels of that vision of valor, cold reality set in. He had no weapon, nor the skill needed to satisfy his need for vengeance. Not yet. But this atrocity would not go unpunished, of that he would make certain. If not by his own hands, then by the hands of others—whether they be survivors of this blood-filled day or members of allied clans.
Resigned to the fact that retribution would not be gained this day, Daniel turned his thoughts to getting home. Purposefully, he made his way through the cover of trees skirting the men’s camp to the edge of the covering leading to the rise. Tho’ he was impatient to reach his home, he took a longer route to stay out of sight of the villains. 


“So where’re my weapons? Maryn was lying on top of him, her chin on her crossed hands, and her finger caressing his afternoon stubble.
“I told you, the weapons will be returned to you for a price.”
Her lower lip protruded in a pout. “Did I not just pay your price? What more could you possibly want from me? A traveling minstrel show? Or, is it that I left you unsatisfied?”
Lifting his head a fraction, Daniel opened one eye and looked at her. She had to know the answer to that—he’d nearly broken the bed frame in his exuberance—but, clearly she’d resorted to sarcasm in order to show her irritation. In fact, he could almost see the steam coming from her ears. He hoped that she never grasped how often he teased her—for, most of the enjoyment was in his ability to make her blood boil believing he was in earnest. But, his mind had yet to begin functioning at full tilt, making it impossible for him to quickly think of another, more innocuous, “price” for her weapons. Resting his head back on the pillow, he shut his eye and let out a false sigh of resignation. “Well, I suppose it will simply have to suffice. Your weapons will be returned to you after our evening meal.”
Have to suffice!” she grumbled under her breath. “He likely will not be satisfied ‘til I’ve learned a few tumbler tricks in the bargain.”
Daniel grinned. The saucy image of her doing a somersault in the nude running through his mind. He knew she was on the verge of drawing blood, but could not hold his tongue. “Aye, that ought to do it.”

* * *
Daniel rubbed the sore spot on his chest above his left nipple. She’d bitten him! First she’d screamed loud enough to wake the dead and then she’d opened her beautiful lips and chomped...hard! He glared at her from the corner of his eye, watching her busily consuming a large portion of their meal from their trencher.
She squirmed in her seat and he grinned.
Ah, yes. He’d meted out the appropriate revenge for such an abuse—he’d used his skill to overcome her fury and break her willful behavior. He’d licked her relentlessly, sending her into one climax after another and each time she’d found release he’d slapped her luscious little bottom.
* * *
Maryn saw Daniel’s amusement at her discomfort and decided to ignore him. Although the hard seat of the stool chafed her tender buttocks, the pleasure she’d received had been well worth it. Her canal was still engorged from the number of times she’d climaxed, and the bud of her sex throbbed with sensitivity.
How had he known she would peak more powerfully if he gave her those swift, lightly stinging blows to her behind at its crest? She was out of her depth and he knew it, taking full advantage. She hoped one day she would control the upper hand, but knew it would probably never be. She took a deep breath and blew it out on a sigh of resignation. She supposed she must be content that he chose such pleasurable ways to teach her a lesson. Then realization dawned and she brightened, biting her lip on her smile before it turned into a wide grin of self-satisfaction. He’d lost the upper hand as well, in the end. She’d been soaked and limp, pleading for him to allow her to rest, when he’d surged into her and loudly flooded her womb with hot, liquid seed.
They’d arrived late for supper.
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