Sunday, April 1, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #17

Hi Everyone! I've been in a mad dash, working on my final edits for my medieval Highlands trilogy. The first book is so EPIC in size and proportion to the other two books in the trilogy, and I'd already divided it into 6 parts, that I realized it lent itself perfectly to being released as a Serial Novel, which I did! I released the PART ONE: THE DARKEST DAY on March 30 for FREE at Smashwords (99 cents at Amazon, since they won't let me put anything for free there unless and until they've had enough people tell them that they need to price match) and PART TWO: THE MEETING on March 31 for 99 cents.  Anyhoo--if you like family saga historical adventure romances, you can click on the book covers on your right to be led to the Smashwords site.

NOW, on to the REAL business at hand: For those of you who may not have been following these threads, this is from the shy, self-sacrificing, "good" sister, Delilah's story in DIAMONDS AND TOADS: A MODERN FAIRY TALE, my sizzling comic contemporary romance romp. (Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance eBooks. If you'd like to read an excerpt, click here.)

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Set-up: Delilah has Chas spread-eagled with his hands on the wall and his bare behind thrust out for her know. She's told him to take a whiff of the flogger she's about to use on him.

DELILAH'S FLOGGER (or a close approximation)

He smelled it. It smelled of leather—and fear.

“This is your friend, it tells you no lies, it allows no lies. It wants only for you to know its power and its swift discipline when you stray.”

His heart rocketed around in his chest. What the hell had he gotten himself into?

This is the last of the snippets for Diamonds and Toads. Next week, I'll give you a taste of my sensual novella, A Stranger's Kisswinkwink

If you enjoyed this, why not stop by the Six Sentence Sunday website for the links to other authors who are participating? Have Fun and Happy Reading!



  1. Heh, we can also smell HIS fear. Nice set-up!

  2. I believe he's in for more than he'd anticipated. :D

  3. Oh, poor Chas. He has no idea... Great six!

  4. LOL Poor Chas...he just had no idea what he was getting into!

  5. He may have had no idea - but he likes it he likes it - curious to see just how far this goes - on many levels :D

  6. HI everyone! Happy SS Sunday to you, and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Poor Chas sure is in the weeds, ain't he??

  7. I loved it! You're first sentence is perfect. Great 6

  8. What the hell, indeed? Hehe. ;-)

  9. Poor Chas is taking his punishment well it seems. She's really putting him through the ringer! heh heh

  10. He's about to find out...

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. Fine time for him to start wondering *that* LOL! And smelling of fear - that's a great detail! Love it!

    Sarah Ballance

  12. XD oh dear. I hope he has a cushion in the Beemer.

  13. Um, *who's* fear? Don't tell me she's been using that thing on other unsuspecting fellahs! She's rather naughty for a nice girl. ;)

    I know I'm commenting late, but wanted to get over here no matter what this week. I also owe you a thank you for your wonderful comments and support, hon. You're awesome!


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