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Authors In Bloom Giveaway Hop/Enter to Win A Nook/Enter to Win a Kindle!


Thanks so, so much to everyone who stopped by my blog and entered my giveaway!  I hope to see some of you back here in the future!

eReader and $25 gift card
!! YJ !! 
Congratulations, YJ!

Now without further ado HERE is MY winner of the $25 Amazon GC: 

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 !! Savannah M. !!

Congratulations, Savannah!!

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Hi All, and WELCOME to my blog! 

Today I'm going to give you gardeners the best tip for keeping ANY garden plant healthy: Plenty of compost in the soil. Why? Because compost is composed of zillions of microorganisms which live in a symbiotic relationship on the roots (and even the LEAVES and STEMS) of plants. They gain nourishment from the exudates (the carbohydrates which the plant roots exude), while they "stand guard" along those roots, protecting their food source from attack by invaders (other microorganisms, whose only purpose is to take care of their own selves, leaving destruction in their wake). 

To better understand the process(es) involved in this relationship (known as the SOIL FOOD WEB), I highly recommend a book by Jeff Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis, TEAMING WITH MICROBES

I've got one more must-have garden book that I recommend: TEXAS BUG BOOK: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, by C. Malcolm Beck and Howard Garrett. (Even though it says "Texas", I believe most of these garden pests and friends show up in gardens all over the world.)  The book has some of the best information and UP CLOSE pictures of the bugs AND their nymphs (this is EXTREMELY important, because in some cases, it's the nymphs we either want to get rid of or ATTRACT).

 Well, hope you gardeners out there found this enlightening! (And I hope your spring gardens [or fall, if you're in that part of the world] are going strong!!

Now, just a "wee" plug for my newest release, a SIX PART serial (not series) novel, entitled HIGHLAND VENGEANCE.  It's a medieval family saga/adventure romance/erotic romance set in the 13th century Scottish Highlands. I've published four five all six of the six parts on,, and Right now, THE DARKEST DAY : Highland Vengeance : Part One is FREE on Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks, so if it sounds like your cup of tea, I'd love for you to check it out! (For those that are interested, I will be sending out updates on the next releases via my newsletter.)

Finally! My giveaway!! Today I'm offering up a $25 Amazon Gift Card, so just enter your info into the rafflecopter form below!! (For any of you whose web browsers balk at rafflecopter, just leave a comment WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in the comment section below, and I'll add you to the raffle.)

And here are my phrases for your entry into the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING:

"Women in Bloom"
Traveling Story
Line 74: Rather than selfish, their goal is worthy;
Line 75: they seek to do the highest and best good.

Each author who participates will post a phrase of our traveling story, “Women in Bloom,” which you will collect by visiting each author’s site.  Those who collect all the phrases to complete the story will be entered to win the Grand Prize: a Kindle or Nook and $25 worth of books!!!  (Winner’s choice which ereader) 
All entries must be submitted on the grand prize landing page at by using the form provided.  EVERYONE who enters the grand prize drawing will be entered to win prizes donated by authors who could not participate.  Only those who collect each phrase and complete the story will be entered into the drawing for the E-reader of their choice.

Don't forget to visit the other authors on the hop (see links below the rafflecopter form). Good luck and happy hopping!!

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  1. My hubby tells me I'm a plant killer. Gonna try these tips :) Thanks for the blog hop! Book sounds awesome!

  2. Jenny, you have to kill a thousand plants before you can grow one, LOL! Every gardener knows this is fact. Another rule of thumb: better to under water than over water. Push your finger into the first inch of soil, if it's still damp: DON'T water it!! Just cuz the top crust looks dry, doesn't mean the soil itself is dry.

    Also: know what plants grow well in your climate and use those.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  3. My favorite garden book is The Joy of Gardening. Course it doesn't really help me black thumb.

    doxisrcool at aol dot com

  4. I've killed everything I've touched so give me reccomendations!!!!

    Thanks for doing the blog hop! Fun and exciting!

    1. Hi Tobi!

      The easiest indoor plant I know to grow is Mother-in-law tongue. It grows in low light (not dark though, lol!), it grows in full light, it can take a good bit of watering (since it will also root in water!), and it can take its soil drying out by quite a bit between waterings.

      For outdoor plants, I'm not sure of the region you live in, but find out what your native plants are (the ones that grow there without a lot of fuss), and plant those. If you don't know how much sun your garden plot gets, take a day and look at how much sun is hitting that spot at intervals during the day, maybe once every 2 hours check on it. If it ends up that it's only getting dappled light OR that it's full-on ALL day, then make sure you pick plants that say they like that type of sunlight. Also, check your soil (add compost), and see how wet that area is. If it's in a run-off area, then it's going to get flooded during rain and may not dry out very quickly. Find plants that say they can take a wetter soil. OR, if it's dry and you don't have an automatic irrigation system in place, then try to find plants that can handle a dryer soil between waterings. NOTE: Just because a plant says it is drought tolerant, doesn't mean you never have to water it. It just means it can handle the soil drying out before it gets watered again. (Most plants like their soil to be slightly moist much of the time--NOT WET). Hope this helps! :)

  5. The Secret Garden! I read this as a little girl okay maybe not little I think I was 13 but I will always love it :)

  6. Gardening Basics For Dummies

  7. Hi K.E. !! I love stopping by! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    I have the most shriveled, dried out thumb you could ever imagine. And believe it or not..I have actually kept my mother in laws tongue alive now for 2 years!! Unbelievable! So I agree. Good place to start.

    I don't have a good gardening book that I use. I am a "googler" If there is something specific I want to know I will "google" it. It works for me.

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    1. OL! I'm so happy to see you! I hope you'll stop by on Sunday for my Six Sunday snippet. It will be great to see another familiar "face". I google everything, too! And "hello" YES Mother-in-law tongue--THE BEST!! I'm glad I got a cheerleader on that one. =D Hope to see you soon.

  8. wow i use the better home and garden one butthe one you have sound great

    desi the blonde at msn dot com

  9. I don't have a green thumb whatsoever so the closest to gardening book that I love is Dianne Venetta's 'Jennifer's Garden.' Yeah, great book!

  10. My favorite book is Plantfinder's Guide to Daisies by John Sutton because I LOVE DAISIES! which occupy most of my garden!

    please enter me in your Authors in Bloom giveaway! Thanks

    cpnclprashe at yahoo dot com

  11. Gardening All-in-One For Dummies

  12. I don't have a favorite gardening book. I tend to kill pretty much all plants. I either over water, underwater, or my cat kills them.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com


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