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I just want to quickly say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your comments yesterday. Such romance! Such drama! Such humor! Thanks so, so much for stopping by my blog yesterday and entering the giveaway!  I hope to see some of you back here in the future! It was a GREAT day! In fact, here's a quote from our fearless leader, Carrie Ann Ryan (the organizer of this Blog Hop):

"What a freakin' fantastic hop! We had 4256 comments. O_o. That's amazing!"

So, without further ado,

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Hubby and Mustard Green From Outer Space
And now, for my favorite New Year's memory. Actually, it's of the one that just past. For any of you who are not familiar with my author bio, I am not only a writer of romantic fiction, but an avid organic vegetable gardener as well. This year, I had a bumper crop of mustard greens (see photo, if you don't believe me, LOL!), and since I come from poor Texas dirt-farming roots, our New Year's feast always consists of black-eyed peas, corn bread, and greens. When I was growing up, my grandmother and my mother always fed us either collards or turnip greens. *Blech* Too bitter for my taste buds. But, mustard greens? Luv'em. My wonderful hubby did the hard part--washing, cutting the leaves from the stems, and spinning the water off in the salad spinner--while I prepared the black-eyed peas (with ham, YUM!) and cornbread as I partook of *ahem* several glasses of the bubbly. :D

I hope your New Year's was just as fun, and your 2012 will be filled with joy and love! 


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To be entered into my giveaway today, as well as the giveaway for the two GRAND PRIZES, simply share YOUR favorite New Year's Memory with me by leaving a comment, along with your email address. The winner of my giveaway, as well as the winners of the two grand prizes will be chosen via   


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  1. Getting a good night's sleep was my favourite New Year's memory this year, after a week disrupted by a poorly youngster!


  2. One of my favorite new year memory was some years ago when for the first time my dog discovered he got present. We were thinking he would destroy the wrapping to get what was inside quickly but it was the opposite. He took his gift on his cushion and strated with his pawn very carefully trying to open it. It was really cute (even if the end i decided to help him since he took him a long time without good results) seeing him jumping around like a baby after we feared loosing him made that morning magical

    thanks you for this giveaway


  3. Favorite New Years memory, huh? Going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Exeter Street Theater in Boston on New Years...many years ago. It was a blast!

    Lisa Mondello

  4. My favourite New Year memory was the year my husband (then boyfriend) asked me to marry him just before midnight. I said 'yes'!

    Great blog hop!


  5. Mine all tend to be the same: family, food and movies. Always enjoyable. One year though, we invited friends over and played games and talked and it was really fun.

  6. Great picture. WOuld love to have some cornbread right now. No memorable New Years just stay at home and watch tv.
    linze_e at

  7. LOL at the Mustard Green Leaf - Good Lord! That is a monster, hehe!
    I have never been one to stay awake to bring in the New Year - but when I was 21 years old, my best friend drug me out with her husband and friends to a pub to a New Year's Eve party that was really quite fun, so I'd have to choose that one, since it was my only experience *chuckle*
    Thank you so much for the giveaway chance!

    Gena Robertson

  8. I don't have a single fav new year's memory. Every one spent with my family is a favorite :)

    Happy new year!

    mihoxli at gmail dot com

  9. I have tried (unsuccessfully) for several years to grow vegetables, but alas, it's just not for me. Maybe if Florida had better soil than just gritty sand :( That mustard leaf is HUGE! Congrats on your successful harvest. richnkathy718 (at) msn (dot) com

  10. I am from Oklahoma and love the traditional southern New Years day meal. Did you know its based on Jewish traditions? Mine is when I was in the Navy and we had a huge party before we shipped out to Iraq
    teressaoliver at gmail dot com

  11. I don't have a memorable one, because they have all been special in their own way, I've spent them all with family, just watching tv, eating snacks, etc.


  12. a real deal southern meal is what you had.. and it sounds mmmmmm mmm good.. Happy New Year to you hope your crops stay green and your wallet ;)


  13. Most of my New Years have been spent a home with my family watching TV and just being together.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  14. Any new year spent with family or friends is the best. ones without resolutions are just cake.
    wocaworld @

  15. Favorite memory, the year I got engaged. Wow that is some green you are holding. Don't think we could grow that here, garden plot isn't big enough.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  16. 2005 would have to be my Big new year's eve to remember its the day me and my husband started dating now its 7 years later we are married and have 2 amazing kids!

  17. My favorite New Years Eve will always be special since it was the night my hubby proposed. After 35 years together, so glad I said yes.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  18. I usually have great time at new year's eve, and I remember of my best one: it was when I stayed up with my first boyfriend who kissed my for the very first time at midnight :) It's a nice memory :)

    Happy new year!

  19. Every year, my best friend and her husband throw a massive NYE party. After almost everyone leaves, I sit around with some of my best friends, (we don't see each other nearly as much as we'd like to),and we just talk about the year just past, good memories -- it's just a wonderful way to celebrate, and we've made it an annual ritual.

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a Happy New Year!

  20. This latest new years was my favorite. I always got so excited for New Years and always told myself I was going to have a magical time. There was always too much pressure and I was always disppointed. This year I had no ideas and standards, just went dancing and had a ball!
    Happy New Year!

  21. Lol Nice picture, K! You shouldn't have hid behind the mustard greens though! :)

    I posted this on a few of the other blogs throughout the hop, but I'll share it with you, as well.

    My most memorable New Years Eve was this year, no doubt. My family all got together and went to church where they were doing their annual game night to ring in the New Year. It started at 6 pm, and about 8:30 my mom comes up to me asking me where the bathroom is. I showed her where it was and then went back to my game. A few minutes passed and I noticed she hadn't come out yet, so I started to go check on her when I saw her come out. She comes up to me and sits down beside me, whispering, "I locked myself in and couldn't get out." After questioning her a little, I found out she had locked the stall door (not the main door) and had to crawl beneath the door to get out. I asked her if she was okay, and she said, "Yeah! The preacher's wife came in while I was crawling under. She helped me up." *Sigh* I went in there to crawl back under and "Unlock" it...only to discover I have NO idea how she managed to do it. (My family has big chested women, lol) So I came back out & got my nephew, who is 21. He went in there with me and I stood at the door so no one would go in there. He crawled under and unlocked it. Just as he was walking out the door, a little boy (about 5) came up to the door and said very loudly, "Samuel! What are you doing in the girls bathroom?" Then he just started laughing. That's when I found the humor in the situation and I began laughing along with him, while Samuel was turning beet red. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    May God bless,
    Trisha Wilson

  22. My NYE was spent with my sister and 2 of her kids, hanging out and watching a zombie marathon on TV. Kind of goofy, but fun.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  23. My favorite New Years memories involve playing cards and board games at my brother's house on New Year's eve.

  24. My favorite NYE memory was my first one in Chicago. The fireworks downtown were gorgeous especially when they were reflected in Lake Michigan. It was also memorable because I really thought I was going to freeze to death. LOL

    geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  25. A more recent New Years is my favorite. I went out with my family and my parent's best friends to a Japanese restaurant. We had reservations at nine but the hibachi grill was so fun home was not seen until much later. It was a very different experience. People don't typically go out for Japanese before the ball drops but I would recommend it in a heartbeat. Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. i did blog hop for the holiday and then i blog on a lot of hops
    desi the

  27. Well my birthdays New Years eve so I could tell tons of stories from that! LOL But one of my most memorable would probably have to be last year just for how funny it was. My friend was 9months pregnant. Due any time and she decided that she wanted to play 'Just Dance' on my wii. So she seriously got into it. It was insane watching her dance with her big belly. I have it on video. Probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. :) Thanks!

  28. My oldest son came over and we rang in the New Year together, which was very, very special to me!! Thanks for the giveaway:)

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  29. My birthday is NYE and one of my sisters is NYD so we have a combined birthday party at midnight.
    snulfers at hotmail dot com

  30. My favorite new years memory was about three years ago. It was much but I spent it with my best friend and her family and we played card games and drank champange.

  31. My then BF decided to start drinking early in the evening. Around 11pm, he got the bright idea to run out of the house. While doing so, he took his clothes off. Needless to say, we spent NYE at the police station.


  32. i don't like celebrate that much, so I usually have dinner with friends, but I loved NY when I was a kid because i could stay up late, sip champagne and watch fireworks!

    aliasgirl at libero dot it

  33. Wow! That is quite the "green". I've never had greens (I know it's shameful) but my sister grows them in her community garden and said mustard greens are the best:)

    My New Years Eve/Day are spent with family, eating, playing games, watching movies and just relaxing.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    ringpop2010 at gmail dot com

  34. thank you so much for being part of this giveaway!!! My favorite memory is my first new year with my now husband, 10 yrs ago!! Happy New Year!

    yankeedragon4 at gmail dotcom

  35. This new years was my favorite. My family stayed home and watched movies. We had tons of fun! We ate snacks and toasted the new year. It was great! Thank you for sharing! Happy new year!

  36. My favorites are when I hang with family playing cards all night. Thanks for the giveaway! Gloria

    geschumann at live dot com

  37. So mine starts off a little odd. I was working as a waitress and I ended up working a double shift from open to close without more than a two minute break periodically. I was pretty mad about that because I'd scheduled time off to be with my then boyfriend. Anyway so I worked all day and while the tips were great the people not so much, especially after about 9. So anyway we closed early that night and I got how around 11pm. I took a shower and climbed into bed and just as I was falling asleep my phone rings. I'm cussing up a storm and questioning the parentage of the person on the other end and it turns out it's the boyfriend. He waits for my little rant to end and then before I can start up again blurts out "Will you marry me." I'm so tired my brain doesn't seem to understand him and I go "what?" so he politely repeats himself and then tells me to get my ass outside. I dropped my phone and ran out the front door to him standing there with two dozen of my favorite flowers on one knee :) Best New Year's EVER! We'll have been married three years this may. I don't know if we kissed in time to ring in the new year but it was still pretty epic.


  38. My mom would make shirley temples and snacks for new years eve celebration- loved it!


  39. Ok, 1), that leaf is gigantic!! I didn't know leaves of any sort grew that big! Wow!

    and 2) my favorite new years memory... I don't really have any that stand out. But when I was little we'd have shrimp cocktail and watch the celebration in Times Square on tv :0) That is something I will always look back on fondly!

    Happy New Year!

  40. Lots of fun with the fam and eating.
    Toonsgirl1 @

  41. I have so many memories from New Years past. Non really stand out above the others. One was when I was 19. We were partying all night long, very fun party as I remember. Anyway it got to be about 6 in the morning and I realized I had to be to work at Target at 8. Not good!! Anyway, I ended going to work in the clothes I was out all night in and not really feeling my best. Thankful I only had to work 4 hours, but that was 4 hours too many!!

  42. My Mom would do a weird ritual every New Years Eve. At he stroke of midnight she would eat a piece of pickled herring (ugh!) and chase it with champagne. It's an old German wives tale that it ensures a lucky year to come.

  43. Favourite memory is playing cards all evening and drinking irish coffee's after midnight

  44. My favorite NYE memory is the one I spend with my now husband. We went out with my best friend and her (then) husband. It was horrible. They fought the whole night but at one point during all that craziness he leaned over and told me that he loved me.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    areeths at new dot rr dot com

  45. Shooting champagne out of my nose the first time I accidentally tasted it when I was 10! Thanks for being part of the blog hop! Happy New Year!

  46. My favorite New Year's memory is when I was around 7 year's old and my best friend and I stayed up through the New Year all the way up until around 4am. We were the happiest 7 year old's ever! Our parents were too wasted to even notice! lol

  47. We usually spend the evening inside with family and friends, lots of good eats...playing cards (poker) and listening to music until the ball's about to drop. Then the wine is poured, toasts made, kisses shared...and then the party usually continues for a little while longer. Those that drank a little too much, or came without a designated driver snuggle in for the night...that's just how we play. Better safe than sorry. :) Happy 2012!

  48. When I was a kid (long time ago) we used to get together with my cousins for new years and we loved popping firecrackers. We were having so much fun that we finished all of them. One of my older cousins gave us a bag full of firecrackers to each of us. I never forgot the fun nor his generosity.


  49. Spending time with family. Happy New Year!

  50. My favorite memory was just hanging out with my friends as a teenager at parties.Doing stupid teenager things ;) As an adult I just stay home.

    Thanks for sharing your memory

  51. I'm glad you're not giving away mustard greens!


  52. Had the greens and black-eyed peas here, also. Although...shhhh....don't tell..I went with 'doctoring' up the can deals, lol.


  53. honestly i stayed in iw as sick for new yrs and christmas this year so i didnt partake in anything

    fav new yrs memoryw ould have to be teh first year me and my better half spent together all we did was talk

    ty for the chance


  54. My favorite new years was when I had a fun and crazy party with friends last year, the champagne was literally flowing everywhere since one of my friends tried to make a champagne fountain but it turned into a river instead!


  55. My favorite is Disney World in 2000 for New years Eve was such a great day and night never will forget it! Thank you so much for taking part in this fun blog hop! Great giveaway and Happy New Year too year!
    Latisha D

  56. It’s not really a “memory,” but it’s a tradition that I still follow from back in my home country of Brazil. For New Years, the color of your clothing represents what you want for the new year. For example, many Brazilians wear white for peace and inner calm, but you see a few wearing red for passion or pink for love, some wear green in hopes of earning more that year as well. Every year i’m excited to see what colors people decide to wear on New Years, and I love getting together at the end of the year to see if their wishes came true.

  57. One of my favorite was the year I took my oldest grandson to the Peach Drop.


  58. Woweee, that's a few days of eatin greens there in that picture!! LOL Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm! ;) Never had a really memorable New Year's eve or a different one here.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

    thewildtwo @ sbcglobal (dot) net

  59. I think my favorite new years eve memory was being together with friends and my children, watching the "ball fall" on TV and hugging and kissing at midnight.

  60. Yum...some good Southern cookin :)

    My best NYE - We had a party for our friends and family. We could see the high school fireworks from our backyard. We all had a great time being together. Almost all the food was gone and the drinks...well there weren't any Those who needed to spend the night found a piece of floor and blankets and we had breakfast the next morning...some not so much LOL

    Great Blog Hop. Hope you will blog at KP sometime.

    Mary Keith

  61. I need to learn to speed read. I am having too much fun.

    Pamela Jo

  62. My family parties at home with lots of good food and we watch the ball drop in Times Square.

    Thank you for the wonderful contest.

    I hope you have a very prosperous New Year.

    orelukjp0 at gmail dot com


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