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Interview with Rae Hemplewhite, Star of Blue Maneuver by Linda Andrews

Good morning readers! I am so thrilled to have author Linda Andrews here today giving us a peek into her newest release, BLUE MANEUVER. Don't you just LOVE the cover?  Linda's decided to interview the heroine of her novel, so I'm just going to kick back and enjoy the show!
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Hi everyone! And a very big thanks to K.E. for allowing me to visit her blog today. My name is Rae Hemplewhite and I'm the star of the new Urban SciFi novel, Blue Maneuver. (Takes a seat in a red barrel chair and crosses her feet at the ankle. One pink bunny slipper flops its ear.) I understand you have some questions for me.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your job?

Rae: I'm supposed to tell everyone I'm a payroll clerk at a telephone research company. (She flicks a piece of lint off her jeans) But, just between you and me, I'm actually a steward in the Extraterrestrial Security Program on Earth. Which means basically I'm the complaint department for aliens. And, boy, do they complain!

 Q: That sounds like an interesting job.

Rae (eyes wide): Were you dropped on your head as a child? It's not interesting! People try to kill me. And that's the good guys. The bad guys want to torture me first. Then there's the matter of the Spam dots. That's my pet name for the little machines that infected me and made me into the queen of freaks without the tiara.

Q: You mean like nanotechnology?

Rae (squinting at me): You really were dropped on your head multiple times, right?

Q: Um, what do these Spam dots do?

Rae (pulls out her Smartphone): Watch and see! (She brings up an app, moments later her eyes change from blue to brown, her hair darkens to black and her skin turns to a deep cafe au lait color. Another tap and she returns to normal)

Q: Wow! How did you--

Rae (holding up her hand): If you want the technical mumbo-jumbo you should have interviewed Tobias. All I can tell you is that I didn't get any weapons, just this disguise program. (Her lips twist into a sneer) I'm supposed to run and hide when approached by the bad guys. That's so UnAmerican.

Q: You work for the American government? What branch? CIA? FBI? NSA?

Rae: Don't be silly. I work for the United Earth Defense and report to Tobias. These guys make the US's efforts at secret keeping seem juvenile.

Q: The United Earth Defense? What's that?

Rae (slouching in her chair): Gah! History lessons are almost as boring as the technology stuff. Do you want me to give you Tobias's name? Oh, wait, he'd probably melt your brain if you contacted him. Remember, no one is supposed to know that aliens walk among us.

Q: Perhaps you could just tell me about Tobias?

Rae (straightening and tucking a lock of hair behind her ear): Colonel Tobias Werner, pronounced with a 'v' not 'w' is quite yummy when he doesn't have a stick up his behind.   Or isn't threatening to kill me. He's human so don't be getting any ideas of extra genitilia--it's not that kind of book. Of course, he's crude compared to Victor Konstantin, but then I've been told Victor has lots of practice.

Q: Who is Victor?

Rae: Supposedly, he works for the bad guys. But he's absolutely delicious. Black hair, blue eyes... (Her sigh stirs her bangs)

Q: So there are some perks to the job, like the eye candy.

Rae: It would be nice if they didn't kiss me then threaten to kill me or leave me to die in a fiery explosion.

Q: They've kissed you.

Rae: Yeah, it's complicated. Men! They can be such teases. (she yelps then picks her phone off her lap) It doesn't like it when I set it to vibrate so it zaps me. If I knew it was frying a few of the Spam dots every time it rang, I'd leave it on silent permanently.

Q: What other alien technology do you have?

Rae (her forehead wrinkles as she scrolls through the message): Huh? Oh, just the phone. I once had a key chain thingy that could make things levitate and scrambles the insides of anyone I fire at. But Tobias smashed it. Of course, I'd stolen it off of Victor after my neighbor knocked him unconscious. I can't believe the number of aliens on the planet.

Q: Is something wrong?

Rae (stands and tucks the phone in her pocket): I've gotta go. One of my protectees is heading for the Gulf of Mexico.

Q: That doesn't sound too bad.

Rae: You definitely need that head trauma looked at. ET wants to suck the oil wells dry. Here, since I have to leave, I'm going to give you a peek at the ET called Quatar, then you can tell me if letting it loose in the Gulf is a good thing or not.

I'll be giving away one ebook copy of Blue Maneuver to one commentator who tells me how they would respond to opening the door and seeing Quatar. 


I think I'm going to be sick."
"Doubtful. The Cee-Bee's have fully integrated. They will prevent you from falling ill, again."
I opened my eyes to glare at him. With such empathy, the man should write greeting cards. "Yeah, well, tell that to my brain. It's seeing things."
As if he didn't know. As if the water thingy on the other side of the door wasn't part of his master plan.
He shrugged his broad shoulders. "Maybe you are finally seeing things as they really are."
No. No. NO! What I saw was not possible. It didn't even make sense. Another knock. I jumped as the three raps transmitted through the wood right into my skull. Oh God, why did I get out of bed this morning?
Tobias stroked my temple before tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear. "Aren't you going to answer that?"
"No." I shook off his touch and tossed the deadbolt. If he wanted to brainwash me, he'd have to find another way. I refused to be part of my own insanity trip. I raised my chin and clamped my lips together to stop them from trembling. "I told you I don't feel well."
He cocked his left eyebrow and unlocked the dead bolt. "Open the door."
Shaking my head, I pushed off the wood panel and aimed for the couch. "I need to lie down."
"You need to open the door." Tobias clamped down on my arm, stopping my retreat.
I spun on my heel and drilled his shoulder with my finger. "Fine."
Twisting the knob, I threw open the door. The douche bag caught it before it squashed him like a bug under a fly swatter. I transferred my glare from him to the watery man-form on my porch. "What do you want?"
I don't know if my rudeness got a reaction or not. All the liquid just sloshed around the confines of his human suit—expanding and retracting before coalescing in the lower half.
"I know that you are new to your job, but that is hardly a reason to slam the door in my face." The green fluid bubbled up to the head pushing the two black cubes up to the top of where a skull would be.
Face? He had no face, or eyes, or nose or… anything. Heck, I didn't even know how he managed to talk. I followed the path of the cubes. Maybe they functioned as eyes or something.
The black squares came together, crossed, then drifted toward opposite green fluid filled in the ears. "I will have to register a complaint and—"
"You want to complain?" I snorted. Like I cared. Soon this will all be relegated to the back of my mind and surface only when I'm sleeping. Why did the mornings waking up screaming from some unknown terror now look appealing?

Rae will be interviewing me on Bella Street's blog on Friday and on Monday I'll be on  Romancing SciFi blog talking about the downside of being infected with Spam dots.

Blue Maneuver available now:


  1. Thanks KE for having me and Rae here today. I'll stop by to answer any questions, and Rae is always willing to share secrets about Earth's Extraterrestrial Security program.

  2. Thanks to you and Rae for being here and sharing the secrets! Rae, what's the best disguise you ever had to use? And Tobias sounds scrumptious, how do you stay focused on work when he's around?

  3. Loved the interview. I can't wait to read more with Rae.

  4. Fun interview! Love space operas (Star Wars geek here, or is it nerd?) I'd probably slam the door and run hide in the closet (in real life I'm a big chicken, lol)

    1. I think hiding is a good choice, too. There's a reason it's called fight or flight.

  5. Ignore the name, it's Rae (LInda doesn't let me have my own account). I did get to turn into a well-endowed blonde, but Tobias said he prefers me just as I am. As for staying focus, I just want to say that he's a bit of a tease. Wait let me rephrase that. He's a very big tease, just when I think I'm getting somewhere, he backs away. One day, I'm going to get him where he can't run and then we'll see who's in charge.

  6. Hey, now that's the kind of "shape" shifting I can get behind, LOL! Especially if it makes me 22 again, too! Your and Tobias's relationship reminds me of the old punch line, "I chased her 'til she caught me." (And something tells me you DO!) ;)

  7. Thanks Linda and Rae for posting on my blog yesterday! Really enjoyed the interview and have fun at Bella's today!!

  8. I'm a day late, but loved the interview premise and loved the excerpt! Good luck with your books, Linda. You rock!

    1. It's never too late to stop by and comment, Regina! Thanks!!

    2. Thanks Regina for stopping by and for the compliment


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