Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Featured on Super e-Reads!

A new site, dedicated to promoting electronically published books came into being a few weeks ago and is a wonderful place for readers to stop in and browse for books. You'll find super easy clickable links to any retailer selling the book you're wanting to purchase, yet the book promotion pages offer so much more information than the retailers' sales pages. In many cases, you'll find excerpts of author interviews and blogs, along with the basic blurb about the book.

Here are the direct links to my books:

Diamonds and Toads: A Modern Fairy Tale
Love Is The Drug

Here's what one of the founders, Karen Dionne, has to say about their new site:

"Super E-Reads  is a brand-new display website dedicated to showcasing ALL electronic publications, both self- and traditionally published. We believe that with the explosion of e-reading devices (Amazon alone claims a million Kindle sales a week for the past three weeks), more and more readers will look to websites that feature only electronic books in order to narrow their search for their next great e-read."

If you get a second, why not check it out?

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